Raising Two Teens, One Tween, and Three Young Children

by admin

Raising Two Teens, One Tween, and Three Young Children

I have four daughters and two sons. First born age fifteen, second age thirteen, third age twelve, fourth age ten, fifth age eight, sixth age six.

Personality and drama queens are what I wake up to daily. The girls seem to think that because they are so close in age that they don’t have to respect each other. They all have house chores that need to be completed daily in order to keep our home in order as well as keeping discipline. It’s always an issue to get things done. No matter what, they are always trying to find a way to get the other sibling to complete their chores. They argue about everything from who left the dish in the sink to whose science fair project was better. I guess it’s good sibling rivalry. I sit and watch them when they have a disagreement and its like watching the Golden Girls in their teen years. I always tell them to put the attitude and drama queen nature into something positive join the drama club, take graphic art so they can animate themselves into a cartoon or something creative.

I am not sure of what the future holds for them but after my experiences in life, I am sure to help them use their god-given gifts to achieve greatness. I had them at a young age and didn’t take advice from the wise women in my life. Now I sit and talk to them and they tell me everything short of I told you so. My sons are quiet and really just still young but because of the years of making mistakes during the early years with the girls, I have learned how to train them but when the girls were young so was I so that made for disaster. I am trying my hardest to reinstate the importance of discipline but its not an easy task . To all the mothers that have children young, take a parenting class or two and always listen to the women who have been there and already done it!