Rants from the Parking Lot

by admin

Rants from the Parking Lot

Let’s play pretend:  You have just arrived at the mall.  Do you a.) go park near JC Penney where there are scores of open spaces and you might have to walk for a minute or two to the preferred entrance or b) drive around for twenty minutes up and down, up and down . . . looking for a “good” parking space?
Honestly!!  What is wrong with people?  Why are they so lazy that they can’t just take the non-preferred spot and walk a few minutes, which surely takes less time than finding a close spot?  They might even burn off a bite or two of that Cinnabon they are sure to buy upon entering the mall.
And the gym.  People, you are there to WORK OUT!  Expend energy and burn calories.  Why are you waiting for someone to back out of a primo spot?  Surely you can walk an extra few steps before you head up to the treadmill.  If I happen to come across a great space, I have been known to take it, but usually I hope that a mom comes along right behind me.  Personally, I really think they should be reserved for moms with toddlers and/or babies in buckets.  Those are the people who deserve close spaces.

Which brings me to another annoyance . . . Babies “R” Us.  Thank heavens I have not been there in YEARS but I remember when I was pregnant and it first opened and they had up front “reserved” spaces for pregnant moms.  Are they nuts?!  Your baby is NEVER more portable than when it is IN YOUR STOMACH!  Like the gym, those spots should have been reserved for women with infants or toddlers.  Barring a rare pregnancy related problem, pregnant women should be MORE mobile, not less!
On the flip side, the person who has the coveted parking spot needs to do a better job of exhibiting proper etiquette there…get in your car, put on your seatbelt, insert your key and LEAVE!  There is time aplenty to adjust your radio, find your snack and mess with the climate control buttons.  No need to sit in your space, backing up traffic while you do all that.
And no parking lot rant would be complete without a shout-out to the elementary school parent dropper-offers/picker uppers.  Kiss your kids before you get there please.  Other people need to drop THEIR kids off too. 

Parking Lot Etiquette . . . making the world a better place, one trip at a time.