A Real Not Case

by admin

A Real Not Case

To all you women who have the privilege of being parents. Hopefully your child will not go through this but if they do remember my story. We women are fixers, we are equipped by God almighty himself with intuition. Sometimes in our haste to fix things we do not listen to intuition, we seek expert advice, we want to make things better.

I have a child whom I’ll call Sam. Sam is happy, well adjusted, likes school a little bit, and his favorite past time is, lunch and recess. Sam started the school year with pretty routine stuff, I noticed on the first month of school that Sam was troubled he did not seem interested. I addressed this with his reacher I’ll call her the professional and I use this term very loosely. She sets up meeting with me paints the most grim picture any mother can bare to listen to she said Sam was not keeping up with class and she did not have time to catch him up. I asked for recommendations and set up appointments with all the experts. It did not make any sense, the comments she made about Sam did not ring true as the mother I should have listened to my intuition. Sam’s doctor did not agree with her findings either.

The experts found nothing but made recommendations on how to get Sam back on track she refused to try help saying she did not have time, recommended a different school, and said they were not staffed to help Sam. We were torn; there are no other schools nearby so we decided to move Sam to a different teacher which is actually a team of two teachers. One of these teachers was the professional’s buddy. Sam struggled to finish the year the feedback was still very negative from the Buddy. After many prayers Sam passed to next grade.

My husband and I decided it was worth the sacrifice to find a school in the next town. Praise God! Sam was a case of not ADD, or ADHD. Sam did not need therapy or a team of specialists to help. What Sam needed was teachers with hearts. To me they are angels who saved my Sam from a very grim path. Were told not to expect too much because Sam was new to this curriculum but they assured me at the new school that Sam would be caught up in no time. First report card AB honor roll, Second report card, all As. I finally relaxed knowing that my Sam was the biggest Not Case that Professional had ever had.

I don’t know how someone who is allowed to work with children can be so negative and thank God for his guidance to move our Sam to a much, better school. Lesson learned, don’t just go by what professionals tell you ask a lot of questions, get second opinions, but most important trust your intuition you of all people know your children better than anyone. Last note: one of the mothers at Sam’s new school whom I shared my story with told me to try vitamins to promote brain power or concentration. I tried them and they helped.