Reconnecting with My Alma Mater

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Reconnecting with My Alma Mater

I am thrilled to be leading a workshop next week at my alma mater, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth thanks to Tuck’s Back in Business Program. I will be participating in our “Women in Business Conference 2008” by leading a workshop entitled, “Managing A Non-Linear Career: How to Successfully Navigate OffRamps and OnRamps Throughout Your Career.” It is fun to be able to say “our” conference. After almost a decade out of the paying workforce, I had lost touch with the MBA I worked so hard to acquire and the institution that had opened doors to a successful career encompassing Wall St. and management consulting.

When I graduated from Tuck there was no “Women in Business at Tuck” club as there is today. We were just one of the boys, eager to prove ourselves and contribute to the workplace along side our male peers. We were not prepared when life, in the form of family, both children and parents needing care, entered the picture and caused many of us to drop out from a workplace lacking flexibility and understanding. How things have changed! The rules are being rewritten and I am proud to say that Tuck is helping lead the way in terms of preparing their students and educating their alumni.

Tuck’s Women in Business conference is an annual event that brings together current Tuck students, alumni, and prospective students to engage in discussion of issues and opportunities relevant to women in the business world. Over two days, October 3 and 4, 2008, Tuck offers panels, speakers, workshops and networking opportunities that enable participants to learn from and connect with each other. Tuck has also recently launched their “Back In Business” program for men and women who have taken time off from their careers and want to update their skills, jump start their network, and successfully re-enter the workplace. Their third session will be offered this spring in Hanover.

At YourOnRamp, we have learned a great deal about how to successfully navigate in and out of the workplace. There are many specific steps women and men can take to insure successful career transitions. I look forward to sharing our best practices with my fellow alumnae. We were not prepared in the “old” days, but times have changed!

Thank goodness!


Hendy Dayton, Director, Business Development, YourOnRamp

For more information, please visit Back in Business Program and Women in Business Conference 2008.