Rediscovering Me

by admin

Rediscovering Me

Who knew that along with the marvels and joys of new motherhood comes the daunting task of re-discovering one’s self after that little bundle has arrived. My little bundle is now eighteen months and is truly the light and love of my life! She and I have an amazing relationship and I am very proud of the respect, love, and affection we have built.

But why, at the end of the day, do I feel unfulfilled? To top things off, I have a loving husband, a supportive family, wonderful close friends, and a job that allows me to focus on my family life. Why, instead of immense gratitude, do I feel guilt and a deep sense that something important is missing?

After spending some time reflecting, I’ve realized that missing something is that I no longer am in tuned with myself. I’ve forgotten what makes that good ole’ zest-full person I love come alive.

Today I begin that journey back to me.