Reentering the “Real World” (Part 1)

by admin

Reentering the “Real World” (Part 1)

How is it that the last ten weeks have been both so fast and so slow? At the time, those first seven weeks of waking up every two or three hours, sometimes for hours at a time, seemed to drag. Someone told me, “The days are slow but the months are fast,” and it is so true.

I’m Jessie. Almost ten weeks ago I gave birth to a precious little girl, Libbie. She’s my firstborn and, of course, the smartest, cutest, most lovely baby in the entire world. She really has been a very good baby. I am sure my next one will be a Colicky Hellion, but for now I’m reveling in the sweetness of this pink-clad cutie.

Unfortunately, Monday I have to go back to my “real life” as a copy editor for a Christian publishing house. I am torn between wanting to go back because I love my work and (most of) my co-workers. I am stir-crazy at home and I can only watch so many more episodes of The Gilmore Girls. And yet it makes me bawl instantly to think of not being there the first time Libbie rolls over, laughs, or says “Mama.”

Right now, I don’t have a choice about working. My DH, Mr. Vanderbilt, is still working on his PhD, which makes Mama the primary breadwinner.

I’m sure many of you are in the same predicament. I would love to read someone’s journey back into the Land of the Working. So here is mine. I’ll post a weekly installment of how it’s going, how much my heart is being ripped in two, and how many passwords I’ve forgotten (and what if my mind is too sleep-deprived to remember how to edit?).

Cross your fingers for me as I enter this new adventure on Monday morning. How many days will Libbie be in daycare before she comes home sick? Eek.