Reentering the “Real World” (Part 2)

by admin

Reentering the “Real World” (Part 2)

Week One
Monday: Although I cried every time I looked at Libbie last night, I managed to make it through the day without crying at all. I guess I was more excited to be back at work than I thought I would be! It was nice to see all my coworkers. Two girls at work who were barely or not at all showing with pregnancy when I left are now in full bloom! It’s fun to be able to give advice to new-moms-to-be now!

I went and fed Libbie at lunch. (We are exclusively breastfeeding, so she is mostly drinking pumped milk during the day, but nursing her when I can helps keep up my supply.) She seemed content despite several other kids crying. I was slightly concerned when one of the teachers mistakenly tried to feed another child cereal through a bottle instead of formula. But we all have our days, right?

Work trickled in slowly during the day and now I think I have something to occupy at least Tuesday morning. All in all, the day went much easier than I thought it would.

Tuesday: Oh my, today was much worse. Yesterday it was exciting to be back. Today I was incredibly depressed to be apart from my baby. I moped all morning and then went and got her at lunch and brought her back to work with me. She ate lunch with my lunch buddies in the cafeteria, and then visited both floors of people I work with. It ended up being nearly three hours I had her at work. I made my administrative assistant (well, not mine, our boss’s) promise she would make me take the baby back to daycare. When I did take her back, the daycare workers said they didn’t think I would be back with her. But hey, I have work to do! Not to mention I am paying good money to have them change Libbie’s diapers!

Wednesday/Thursday: Work continues to trickle in and keep me distracted from missing Libbie too much. I really enjoy going to feed her at lunch and get to talk to the teachers. Her lead teacher, Miss Joyce, has been in childcare for over thirty years. She is wonderfully nice and obviously loves the babies.

Friday: The week has begun to wear on me. I am so glad it’s Friday and I get to spend the weekend with my little family! When I went to feed Libbie at lunch, most all of the other babies were screaming. It ate me up thinking about her laying there crying and not having anyone paying attention to her. It’s all I could imagine all afternoon. By 3, I was practically in tears. One of my coworkers encouraged me to go get her and bring her back to work. He didn’t have to ask twice! I went and grabbed her and brought her back for oohing and ahhing by my coworkers (again). When I picked her up, she had dried spit-up on her neck and that made me upset and sad. Hope she doesn’t develop a rash.

Altogether, I would say Tuesday and Friday were my hardest days. I am glad the week is over, and I hope I will adjust more as the weeks go on.

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