Reflections On the Birth of My Children

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Reflections On the Birth of My Children

Each of my children’s births were different, but I suppose they should be. They are each unique. With our firstborn, I was very young and didn’t know what to expect. I still lived at home with my mom. That day I remembered that I cleaned the house from top to bottom. I don’t know where I got the energy to do it, but I did it. That evening I went into labor and delivered her within four hours. I remember not feeling too much pain. It was short and quick.

With our second, I went into labor stranded on the highway with my firstborn in the car with me! This was before cell phones, so I just had to sit there and wait. My husband was about forty-five minutes behind me, so he saw us on the side of the highway on his way home. I was in labor with her all night and delivered her the next morning.

Now, with our third child, I was in a mild labor all day. My husband and I just sat around the house all day relaxing, reading, and timing my contractions. Then panic mode set in when all of a sudden around five p.m. the contractions started coming less than a minute apart! We barely made it to the hospital through rush hour traffic. Needless to say, I delivered my son without the benefit of pain medication (or an enema!). He was born “sunny side up” as the nurse excitedly exclaimed.

Today, each of our children are different in many ways. Some ways we as parents are not always pleased with, but we love them all just the same. Just as our heavenly Father loves each one of us as unique and individual as we are. It is His grace and mercy in each of our lives that will eventually form who we will become as we and our children travel here on this temporary journey.