Regardless of All Things Not Normal, I Would Do It Again

by admin

Regardless of All Things Not Normal, I Would Do It Again

You hear of some women who just have the best pregnancies, and I am sure there are some women who really do “love being pregnant.” I am not one of them.

My husband and I got married (I was thirty-one at the time) and decided to try to conceive right away. Luck was on our side for sure as on our honeymoon we were successful.

I was never so excited in all of my life to know that I was carrying a life inside and I stopped all of my bad habits immediately. Soon to follow came swollen breasts (never thought they could hurt so bad), cramps, and MORNING SICKNESS! That never ever went away. My pregnancy was never uneventful and I am sure that my doctor to this day talks about me being neurotic and a bit crazy. In the last few months of my pregnancy with our son Lucas, who is seven today, I developed gestational diabetes and that was pretty awful to be a pregnant woman with cravings that you can’t cave in to. I was induced at thirty-eight weeks, labored for twelve hours and ended up with an emergency c-section. But you know what? I never look back and regret any of it. NEVER. I love that child with all of my heart and soul. He looks at me with uneven adult teeth and freckles galore and I could just cry every time I see him!

My second time being and staying pregnant was pretty fun too! My nausea was just that it was constant and awful but I never really threw up. Things went along pretty well until I developed preeclampsia at thirty-seven weeks. I delivered via c-section the next day. My blood pressure continued to be high for months and still is currently. Our daughter was very sick when she was born and remained in the hospital an extra week but is now a beautiful fiesty three-year-old. I look at her and just melt at the sight of her big blue eyes, she is just amazing!

I am currently thirty-eight and a half. I toyed with the idea of having one more but decided to pray on it because of my age and the complications I have had with my prior pregnancies. God decided that we should have another and I am currently fourteen weeks along. There has not been a day that I have not felt like I have the swine flu, eventful you can say that. I have headaches galore, and have already developed gestational diabetes (usually in the twenty-fourth week). My blood pressure is slowly rising. It will become real eventful sooner than later, but good Lord willing I will carry this baby to term and keep my life safe.

I am not telling you these things to scare you or change any minds, I would never do anything differently. I love my children so much and each day with them is a blessing. That is the point to this story: if you have an awful or are having an awful pregnancy guess what? It is so worth it. That first moment you get to see the peanut that you grew, it cannot be replaced by anything else ever. So go ahead and get pregnant but be prepared for some times that are tough. We are women and we can handle these kinds of things.