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Remembering the First Steps

When my niece was born, it’s hard to describe the mix of pride, joy, and hope I felt. It’s orders of magnitude less, I’m sure, than the feelings her proud mama and papa felt, but still something I’ll never forget. I follow my sister’s blog and look forward to her updates about Asha’s first this or that—the hilarious discovery of her reflection in a mirror, the bawling at being held by a new person, the comfort of her papa’s pinky.

I’m taking the initiative (as the proud uncle) of making flipbooks of her first steps, so her grandparents and great grandparents, who can’t be here to see her (and don’t have web browsers, much less computers) can enjoy the moving images in a permanent, memorable format. I’m sure photographs would work just as well, but there are some memories that a video is best for, and I know they’ll “get” a flipbook.

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