The Ring Legacy

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The Ring Legacy

When your youngster comes home with the high school ring catalog, there’s no turning back – the years have officially passed by and the symbolism has begun.

While my son sits online and creates rings at whim with exotic metals and stones, we bring him back to our 2012 economic realities and he plays with the no cost engravings and side-of-ring choices. And I realize how rings have a unique position in representing milestones in all of our lives.

Simple and unassuming, my high school ring was turned on my finger 78 times to represent my “Class of” status and my college ring was purchased many years after graduation, representing my transition from poor student to single-income advertising assistant.

When my husband proposed, the engagement ring was presented in a small ring box re-covered in leopard-printed fabric. This was from a man who knew I loved animal prints but was woefully glue-challenged. No matter, we both had enormous respect for the solemnity of the moment – as I accepted the beautiful “token” that would change my life forever.

Without question, one of the best ring experiences we have had a chance to share as a community is a tradition at ourreform temple to acknowledge Confirmation. It is a ceremony that uses a series of large circular rings to link together the names each year’s 10th grade confirmation students with those of the temple’s past. Parents to children to siblings — it never fails to remind us that this universal image– an unending circle— can be purely celebrated for its generation-to- generation stability.

The Circle of Life.

Sturdy, binding and significant. Not too shabby for a basic geometric figure that can be so much — even with nothing more than its 360-degree shape to sustain it.