Robot in My Bed

by admin

Robot in My Bed

I nursed my kids when they were born and they got used to sleeping with me in my room or sometimes even in my bed. When each kid reached the age of two, my husband and I began the process to move them to their own bed. For my seven-year-old son it worked perfectly he had no problems. Actually he adapts to change easily and he could sleep thru Armageddon. My daughter on the other hand has struggled with this change for two years now (she is four). We have used the tactics of letting her sleep with dolls, toys, pieces of paper with drawings, and blankets. She moves from item to item with no problem. She always needs to be holding on to something.

As probably some of you have experienced, kids may chose to wake up in the middle of the night and move into bed with you. I remember doing this while growing up. My dad never approved but my mom always made room for my sister and me. We knew which tile not to step on so my dad would not wake up.

A difference between my husband and I though, is that if the kid arrives to our bed anytime after 1 a.m., we will not move them. Why? We really do not want the whole fight to occur at that time. Plus that could also mean we would lose sleep while moving the kid back to bed. 

There is a drawback to this though in regards to my daughter. She has decided that when she moves in the early hours of the day, everything that started sleeping next to her moves with her. Yes. We get poked sometimes by the plastic phone or the hair of the doll may wind up rubbing against our faces. I have gotten so used to this that I just move it away from my body and I keep on sleeping.

Yesterday when I picked her up at daycare she had made a robot out of paper cups. Lots of tape had been used to hold it together but it seemed like a cool creative achievement. Last night she went to sleep with it. This morning I woke up and the robot was next to me. The best part about the whole situation is that the paper cups were not crushed and I was able to have my eight-hour sleep.