The Runaway Cats

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The Runaway Cats

Toni and Emma have decided to run away. They just moved into a big house in a new neighborhood. They don’t like it here.

“Where are we going?” asked Emma. Emma was a calico cat with green eyes. Toni was gray with big amber eyes. Toni always made the decisions.

“I will have to think about it.” she says, as she scratches her ear. They sure missed their old house. They knew every crack and corner of the old house, and they missed the big window where they could stretch out and sleep in the warm sunlight. They hardly ever got any petting anymore, either. They missed that, too.

It was dark now. The house was very quiet. The only sound was the ticking of the big clock in the hall.

“Follow me.” said Toni, as she crept up the stairs. It was so dark! It’s a good thing cats have good night vision.

They hadn’t gone very far when they heard a loud squeak. Emma was sooo scared!

“Don’t be afraid. It’s just me, Squeakie.” said the mouse. “I moved here from the old house in a box of crackers. I like it here. I have more places to hide.”

“We don’t want to hide.” said Emma. “We are running away!”

“Is that so?” said Squeakie. “You are very lucky. You are fed every day, but I have to steal my food and worry about getting caught in a trap.”

Emma and Toni had never thought about that.

“Come on!” said Squeakie. “I will give you a tour of the new house, but you must be very quiet.” he whispered.

There was a long, dark hallway with many rooms and Emma and Toni were getting very tired. Finally, they reached the last room, but there was something very different about this room. It smelled the same as their room in the old house, like flowers. By the bed was the same soft, fuzzy rug they used to sleep on. Toni and Emma looked at each other and could feel the beginning of a big purr.

“Are we still running away?” Emma asked Toni. “No, I think we are home now.” she answered.

“Good luck!” said Squeakie. “I have to go now.” He gave Toni and Emma a high-five as he squeezed through a crack under the door and disappeared.