Running Away to Get a Dog

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Running Away to Get a Dog

Heather was only nine years old. How was she going to get the dog home?

She got some money for her birthday, took off from school, and decided to go to the ASPCA on the other side of Brooklyn. After getting sketchy directions from the lady at the ASPCA, Heather started on her journey.

Heather must have taken five buses when she realized she was close to the ASPCA. She rang the buzzer and got off the bus. Heather walked a few blocks and saw a lady leaning out a window talking to a man. She asked this lady where the ASPCA was. She pointed to a building across the street. “But it’s almost five o’clock and they’re almost closed.” The lady asked the little girl if she was lost. “Oh no,” Heather said, “my mother sent me to the bakery.” The lady nodded to the man below and kept talking to the child.

In a few minutes, a police car drove up. “Darn,” Heather said to herself, “She told the man to get the police.” The policeman asked Heather where she was going. She didn’t want to lie to a policeman, and he seemed very nice. “I’m going to get a dog at the ASPCA.” He said he had a Great Dane at home.

When they got to the ASPCA, Heather told the manager why she was there. He said, “Does your mother know you came all the way over here to get a dog?” Heather said, “No, she won’t get me a dog, so I’ve come to get one myself!” The manager told Heather her mother was probably looking all over for her. He asked for Heather’s phone number. Heather could hear him tell her mother where she was. When he hung up, he said her mother was frantically looking for her and would come to the ASPCA to pick her up. The man said, “Anytime you want a dog, you can come to the ASPCA and pick one out.”

The manager called the local newspaper and a reporter came out to get Heather’s story. He said this will make a good human interest story.

It was an hour before Heather’s mother got there; she was so happy to see her, but told Heather never to do anything like that again. The photographer asked Heather and her mom to stand “over there, so I can take your picture.” The mother said, “Oh no you’re not,” and pulled Heather out the door. Heather didn’t think she was going to get the dog home anyhow; they weren’t allowed on buses!

Thirty one years later, Heather got her first dog. She had waited most of her life!