Sacrafices in Parenting

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Sacrafices in Parenting

So I co-signed two student loans for my son. He has not been very successful in his field, certainly not due to his talent; mostly due to his poor choices, lack of regular employment, and the fact that he hates working for the man. He opened his own shop, had quit his full-time job, and never told me. The money he makes is sporadic at best.

He also quit paying his bills; house note, utilities (he is currently living with no water) and the ever-present school loan. He got one deferred or something . . . eventually he’s going to have to pay this as well.

I am so upset by this. I worked hard my entire life to build credit . . . good credit like scores of 880! Never have I missed a bill, paid late, or even had to make arrangements. I made my own arrangements, like skipping having fun to pay bills; like staying home to pay bills, like driving a ten-year-old car . . . because I pay my bills.

I inquired about refinancing my home and was told no because of his student loan. I paid the late bill, and will probably have to pay fifty dollars every month for the rest of my life. My credit score dropped almost two hundred points all due to his poor choices.

Just how far do we have to go as parents? I am looking at thirteen thousand dollars in outstanding loans he owes. Fifty dollars a month for the rest of my life!