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My first child, Tony, was only six months old when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I freaked out because I knew we were not ready for another baby. Tony was not an easy baby, and he was the only baby I’d ever held or interacted with. I wasn’t over my post-partum depression and it was eating me alive. We were currently living with my husband’s parents due to a few problems.

Oh well; we’ll just have to get through it. Other people have done it and so shall we. We moved out of my in-laws’ house just before my son’s first birthday. At about this point my face/jaw/tongue started hurting. I was in pain constantly, and my husband didn’t understand at all.

When it was hurting, I would go to the ER and beg them to make stop, so I ended up at the ER a lot. At first, my husband would go with me, but it got to the point of dropping me off at the ER entrance or driving myself.

Around nine months along, I think I’m in labor. I ask my husband to take me to the hospital, and he does. I’m in labor but not progressing, so they send me home. The nurse tells me to come back if it gets worse.

The next morning I tell my husband we need to go back. He apparently misunderstood what the nurse said and tells me I’m not in labor. The nurse said so. I cried and begged him to take me to the hospital, and he finally agrees to pick up my friend and drop us off at the birthing center.

They get me into a room and check me, and I’m dilated to five centimeters. They immediately call the anesthesiologist and I start trying to call my husband. I am unable to get in touch with him, because he’d gone swimming and we don’t have a cell phone.

I can’t get in touch with my mom either; her cell phone wouldn’t connect. So it was just me and Liz, my friend. They came in and gave me the epidural, then my mom shows up. I’d called a friend that lives close to her and she went by to tell my mom what was going on.

At this point my husband called and I have no idea what I said to him, although I know it wasn’t very nice. Something along the lines of get down here now! He walked in as I started pushing. I only pushed for about two minutes and she was out. My husband slept on the floor of my hospital room the whole time we were there.

The pain in my face continued after I had my daughter, even though they said it would stop as soon as she was born. I found out a few months later I had something called Trigeminal Neuralgia. It’s something I still fight with daily.