Santa! I Know Him!

by admin

Santa! I Know Him!

Three and a half might just be the perfect age for the magic of Santa. In our house, we enjoy the magic of Christmas in multiple ways and Santa is a part of the magic, for as long as we can make it last.

When Jack Jack found this Santa hat in our decoration box, he exclaimed “Mom! How did Santa’s hat get in here? We need to give it back to him! Maybe we should weave it out fo him wif some milk and cookies!”

Until Jack Jack decides to give the hat back to Santa, he has been wearing it as much as possible in Santa’s place. The other night, as I ran Jack’s bath water and told him to take his clothes off, I turned to see a grinning Jack Jack, completely naked except for the Santa hat. He would only take the hat off when it was time to wash his hair.

Jack Jack’s current favorite movie is the Polar Express. He has watched it so many times that he acts out the scenes and tells daddy and I what to say and when to say it. The night that daddy made tickets for the Polar Express and then pulled out the hole puncher, Jack Jack almost burst with excitement as daddy punched his tickets for him. “Daddy! You have a REAL PUNCHER!” He has loved these tickets so much that daddy has had to make new ones already.

The magic of Christmas is real, if you chose to believe, or even just allow yourself to see it through the eyes of those who do.

Bonus magic for anyone who knows what movie the title of this post came from.