Save Time – Don’t Rush

by admin

Save Time – Don’t Rush

I ignore the alarm clock a few times—I’m not sure that it’s natural to get up in the dark—and head for the coffee pot, then jump into high gear. Need to get the kids and husband up, pack lunches and book bags, start a load of laundry, shower, check email, get the kids off to school, get to work … and, that’s around all of the mundane things to do like brush my teeth.

And, here’s what happens if I rush all of these chores: I spill coffee on the floor, get cranky with the family, forget to put my daughter’s favorite blanket in her book bag and have to drive it to school, put the colored clothes on the hot setting by accident and turn everything pink, forget to brush my teeth, and have to scrounge around for a breath mint.

Take a deep breath and slow down. You spend more time rushing, and making mistakes, than if you just took things at a natural pace.

1. Take two minutes to get the first few sips of coffee or hot tea down and eat a bite of breakfast. This alone will give you a mental boost and improve your morning routine!

2. Take another minute to think about and even make a short list of what you need to accomplish.

3. Put other people in charge. Your husband should be capable of heeding an alarm clock. Depending on the age of your children, they can pick out their own clothes and get dressed without your guidance.

4. Organize yourself the night before. I pack as much of the next day’s lunch for both the kids and myself as I’m putting the dinner leftovers away. We eat a lot of last night’s dinner for lunch!

5. Keep things in their place. If you always hang the book bags in the laundry room, you will know where to find them! Once in the laundry room, go ahead and throw in a load.

These slow-down-and-take-a-breath tips work any time of day. Drop the multi-tasking mama role and relax—everything will get done!