Save Your Kids’ T-Shirts!

by admin

Save Your Kids’ T-Shirts!

And if you’re a runner, your race shirts while you’re at it.

You know the story … they mean too much to your kids so throwing them out is not an option. So, you keep them in the attic. The kids grow. And the special shirt collection grows too.

This happened with my race shirts, too. With each race, the shirt collection was really getting out of control. But I couldn’t part with them. There was a story behind each and every one. So I came up with a way to keep the memory alive in a much more useful way. No more boxes filled with shirts in the attic. And a great quilt to cuddle with during nap time!

After I completed my quilt from race shirts, I started with all the childhood tees that my boys saved. Jeff got the first one. He was older and had finished collecting. His is the picture below. I made these years ago. At that time, I could only find one company out there that did them. Now, you have lots of options.

Got the same problem? Keep saving your shirts till you have around twenty to twenty-four you love. You can use the fronts and backs if you like.

Don’t sew? There are companies out there that make them for you. Not cheap, but worth it (rosscommon.com/, toocooltshirtquilts.com/).

Want to try to make your own? (straw.com/quilting/articles/teequilts.html).

Cuddling with a quilt made of your favorite shirts is much nicer than knowing they are in a box somewhere.

One of these days, I have to finish the quilts I promised Allie and Steve.

Another idea I had for quilt making was to create a memory of a loved one by using their clothes. Hey, anyone need a business idea? You could call it QUILTED MEMORIES!