Scary Mommies

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Scary Mommies

Despite my last post bitching about United Airlines, I like to think I have a pretty cool head and a fair amount of common sense. However as I have started reading more pregnancy and mommy blogs, I’m wondering if those are things I have to trade in at the hospital in order to bring Little Ricky home.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are some great pregnancy and mommy blogs out there. In fact there are some HILARIOUS pregnancy and mommy blogs out there.

But then there are those mommy bloggers who are always in an uproar over something. Last November a ton of moms were PISSED at a Motrin ad that implied that moms wore baby slings to look fashionable. They blogged, they tweeted, they bitched, they moaned. It was pretty astonishing.

And all over a commercial for a pain reliever.

I know moms are busy. I know it’s a hard job, but seriously? This kind of behavior is what makes people think moms sit around all day watching TV and eating bon-bons (and then blogging about it.)

You don’t like the commercial? DON’T. BUY. THE. PRODUCT!

But to get so offended as if Motrin had called their children hideously ugly or irreversibly stupid—I don’t get it.

My latest “I don’t get it” moment came just a few days ago as I was reading a post on a mommy forum. The subject was something about the woman’s son learning crap from his teacher.

Wow, I thought. What kind of nonsense is the teacher spouting?

Apparently, this teacher had the audacity to tell her young class that Mother Nature brings spring and flowers, etc. This mother was appalled that the teacher was encouraging the children to explore the Wiccan religion.



I know that there are religions/groups who do worship the earth, Mother Nature, etc. But isn’t Mother Nature also one of those kind of generic terms we use when we try to explain difficult stuff to small kids? I know I wouldn’t want to explain atmospheric pressure and what the different cloud shapes mean to a four-year-old. Let’s go with Mother Nature and then when he’s a little older we can get into the science behind it.

But to accuse this teacher of telling her son things she’d rather he didn’t know? Well, I think if mom hadn’t made such a fuss about it, he probably still wouldn’t know.

Really, when did we get so sensitive, so “my way or the highway,” so unable to let things slide?

Please tell me this isn’t something that goes hand-in-hand with motherhood. The stretch marks are bad enough.