School’s Out for Summer

by admin

School’s Out for Summer

Well, almost. There are still a few hurdles to jump and then it’s lazy days in the shade. Inevitably, the end of the year is filled with all kinds of school events, which means a hectic time for the parents that plan them. There’s the end of the year picnic, the end of the year class parties, and maybe even a fundraiser like a spring auction thrown in. So how do parents make it through this gauntlet without falling apart? Plan ahead, get organized, utilize you children’s downtime, and above all, enlist help.

Get ahead of the game by starting to plan now and stay focused by creating a checklist of everything that needs to get done. Be thorough: list everything, from how many volunteers you need to whether or not you’ll need plastic cups, leaving nothing out. Anticipation on the front end will save valuable time later. It may also help to create a timeline of when you need things done which will come in handy when you ask others to chip in.

Create a volunteer sign-up sheet for your school event and detail all the jobs that need to be done. Managing this online will make it easier for others to consider their schedules (in the quiet of their homes) and sign-up for a task or slot that works best for them. Another plus is that volunteers will receive automatic email reminders, which eliminates that job from your list. People will be told what they are doing and when, and if someone drops out you’ll be notified. Make sure you have extra people for set up and clean up for those last minute emergencies that always occur (this way, you’ll have someone on hand to run to the store for extra lemonade when you run out).

Most importantly, have fun! And when all is said and done, have a wonderful summer.