Second Round Mom

by admin

Second Round Mom

No one ever told me how difficult the second stage of parenting would be, the stage when my kids become adults. I foolishly believed that all I would have to do is listen, say a few “ahas,” and hang up the phone. But how do you say “aha” to “Mom, our marriage is over” or “Mom, my roommate is not only my roommate, he is my mate” (from your son, your baby boy). Or from your single parent daughter, “Mom, we just got back from the doctor’s office and they have confirmed that little Charlie is autistic. How will I ever raise him alone?”

In a world where we are led to believe that if we are good parents, and we raise our children right, we should never have to face these situations … yeah, right! I know that all the good that I ever did on this earth is reflected in my children. I am also aware, that in spite of this, sh-t happens, and I am still their mom. So I draw upon the strength of the good and the positive that I have had the fortune to instill in their lives. The faith-building experiences that we have had along the road of life, I turned into “monuments” in my mind and take the kids back there to be reminded of how things always work out—with a little faith.

Whenever I get a chance, I find things to laugh about, good things from our life or even from other’s lives. Whenever there are opportunities, and there always are, to help others, I do my best to get my kids involved. This helps them see their challenges from a different perspective. The intimate and sensitive challenges that I face as a “second round” mom keep me gentle, keep me aware, and keep me grateful.