Secret to Blending Your Family?

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Secret to Blending Your Family?

Millions of kids today live in non-traditional families: One in every two children in the United States lives in a single parent home, or a blended family with a stepparent.

How do they make it work so that everyone gets along? One single mom I know has a ten-year-old—and she recently married a divorced man that with an eight-year-old. Here’s the problem: their kids do not get along.

Her daughter and his son bicker all the time. “If my daughter even looks at his son wrong, he whines,” she says. “And after moving and switching my daughter’s school, she’s mad and acting out.”

To make matters even more challenging, Mom and Dad have very different parenting styles. “I believe in giving kids the space to express their feelings,” she says. “But he was in the military and believes in the do-what-I-say parenting style.”

Also, this mom gives her daughter freedom when it comes to having friends over or riding a bike around the block. “But he thinks that kids should be kept under tight surveillance at all times.”

Understandably, this mom is anxious. “Are we doomed to fail at blending our families?” she asks.

This mom knows that blending their families is a process—and it won’t happen overnight. But she’d love to hear any advice about how to help this process along, before the new baby arrives.

So, here’s what this “desperate to blend” single mom wants to know:

How do parents with opposite parenting styles begin to work as a team?

What’s the “secret” to creating a blended family?

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