Self-Evaluation: Investing in Our Chief Asset

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Self-Evaluation: Investing in Our Chief Asset

SELF-EVALUATION: The purpose of this document is to improve performance from the previous year. This process is not about attacking others, making excuses, or getting defensive. Please complete this vital document in a timely and thorough manner.

Employee: Patti Ghezzi

Title: CEO

Responsibilities: Care for The Girl (TG); Manage all aspects of Corporation; Generate revenue as freelance writer

Company: Ghezzi Family, LLC

Management: In an unusual management structure, this corporation is led by two equal partners: Patti, the CEO, and Jason, the CFO.

Evaluation Requested By: CFO

Reason for Request: The CFO is unclear of the CEO’s productivity goals and would like a detailed understanding of how the CEO spends her time in order to better work as a team for the good of the corporation.

Please list last year’s goals and state whether the goal was met, exceeded, not met, or partly met, using data to support claim. Set new goal with specific plans for attainment.

Goal #1: Care for TG, age thirteen months. This goal was met, as indicated by fact that TG is living, breathing, happy, and healthy as verified by pediatrician.

New goal: Continue caring for TG, with greater focus on language development and social skills. Spend more time talking and playing with TG and cultivate more friendships with other moms to create socializing opportunities.

Goal #2: Keep house clean and organized. This goal was partly met, as evidenced by functioning new filing system for Important Papers and an approximate 300 percent reduction in papers due to purging of outdated adoption brochures and other clutter. Shortcomings are too numerous to mention, but include failure to manage laundry, dishes, and other daily tasks as well as failure to keep bathrooms void of mildew and carpets free of dog hair and easily ingested objects such as acorns.

New goal: Keep house clean, if not sparkling, by cleaning bathrooms and kitchen every other week and vacuuming every other day. Clean fridge ASAP. Develop time management system to make laundry and other tasks less overwhelming.

Goal #3: Prepare healthy meals. This goal was not met in regards to leadership team, which subsisted mostly on takeout and frozen dinners. The CFO hindered progress on this goal with unreasonable pickiness, such as refusal to eat leftovers. TG has developed into a good eater, fond of green beans and other healthy foods.

New goal: Cull recipes from magazines and Web sites. Collaborate with CFO on menu planning. Shop weekly from grocery list. Prepare healthy dinners three to four nights per week.

Goal #4: Take care of self. This goal was partly met, as evidenced by still being able to fit into pre-baby jeans—a worthy accomplishment even for an adoptive mom! This goal was reached in part by participating in Stroller Strength, but there is much room for improvement.

New goal: A more structured eating and exercising routine is necessary to eliminate ten surplus pounds. Reduce Diet Coke consumption to one can per day. Use sunscreen every day. Get hair cut every couple of months. Shower and shave at least every other day. Wear non-pajama clothing every day between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Goal #5: Earn a respectable sum per year as a freelance writer. This goal was exceeded, due to excellent luck and timing. Achieving this goal, however, had a cost in terms of other goals, namely caring for TG, as the situation required excessive dependence on outsourced childcare (a.k.a Nana). While reliable and cost-effective, over-reliance on Nana needs to lessen for the betterment of Nana, TG, the CEO, and the Corporation as a whole. Commitment to revenue generation hindered communication with the CFO, as work was often completed at night. This is not in the best long-term interest of the Corporation.

New goal: Be selective about freelance assignments, with less of a focus on bottom-line revenue and more emphasis on flexible work hours. Trim expenses if necessary to make up for reduced income. Resist temptation to make work a higher priority than appropriate for the overall success of the Corporation.

Summary: This was the Corporation’s first full year of operation, so data is for baseline purposes only. Overall revenues slightly exceeded expenditures. In a corporation’s second year, one would expect to see growth. In this case, the growth most important to the Corporation is TG, as she is our present, our future, our reason for being, and our little star in the world. Yes, short-term financial goals must be met, but the higher priority should be the long-term viability of the Corporation and its most important asset, TG.

We hope you found the self-evaluation process rewarding and illuminating. Management is under no obligation to review, consider, or acknowledge this document, but it will be  placed in your personnel file.