A Semi-Hippie Mom’s Favorite Things

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A Semi-Hippie Mom’s Favorite Things

I’m the sort of person who tries to be healthy and organic, choosing products that don’t contain parabens, phthalates, genetically-modified-whatevers, artificial fragrances, or any other ingredients I can’t pronounce.

In that way that every mom likes to offer an opinion based on her own experience (isn’t that the case, more so than with any other topic?) I’m always dying to share my favorite things with pregnant mamas.

So, here are some of the vitamins, lotions, and potions that I used for my health and pleasure during my pregnancy and post-partum.

At first, during my pregnancy, I loved

Source of Life Prenatal Liquid: I took this stuff every day in the morning. It tasted delicious and didn’t seem to cause nausea or constipation, as other prenatal vitamins reportedly do. I liked that I only had to take one dose a day, rather than three times. It does have to stay refrigerated though, which isn’t so great for traveling.
Mid-pregnancy, a false glucose tolerance test result had me worried that I might have Gestational Diabetes (I didn’t, but the scare still got me thinking about reducing sweets), I switched from that fructose-sweetened liquid prenatal vitamin to this organic, tablet type: New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal 

This vitamin is easy for me to digest and doesn’t smell offensive. I also like this better than the liquid because it has iron, but not so much iron that I suffer the side effects (constipation), and that was important when a later-pregnancy blood test showed very slight anemia.

For the anemia, I also took this: Floradix Iron + Herbs

Because I liked that it was made from fruits and veggies and herbs. Again, this one was easy on the intestines. Obviously, for more serious anemia, one should go with the prescription of one’s OB.

Soothing skin stuff: Great Mother’s Goods Belly Balm

This was my favorite belly balm, for both smell and texture. It’s a little oily, but didn’t seem to stain my clothes at all. (Can’t say the same for that spot on the wall when I caught myself getting out of bed—nice hand print; maybe we’ll color it in.)

This is the pregnancy tea I drank: Herb Lore Pregnancy Tea

It takes more work to make it because you have to boil the herbs for twenty minutes, but it’s worth it. It tastes better and is more likely effective because the herbs are likely much fresher than those used in boxed teabags. I would a big pot, sweeten it, and drink it cold the rest of the day.

The same company makes a wonderful nursing tea that I used religiously post-partum.

This is the fish oil supplement (for that all-important dose of DHA) I took during my pregnancy and still take now: Spectrum Fish Oil

… because this brand doesn’t give me fishy burps.

So, what pregnancy vitamins, lotions, and potions do you love?

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