Separated and Hurting

by admin

Separated and Hurting

In my teen years I was a good child. I never caused any trouble other then boyhood pranks. I did well in school and excelled in sports. Then the summer of my junior year came and my life would never be the same again. That summer I lost five people close to me. My friend Jason was killed in front of me by a freak lighting storm. I lost my other best friends to a drunk driver hitting their car one night about two weeks after Jay died. Then the worst, my own father passed away from cancer. That one hurt the most. My father’s death hurt because the last time I saw him, I had so much to say but the anger of him leaving me when I needed him the most wouldn’t let me speak. That night he passed away and I never got the chance to tell him how I felt. The girl I had spent the last three years with, the women I loved, walked away. I pushed her away; instead of turning to her for help I turned to drugs to hide my pain.

The last ten or twelve years I have spent my life smoking pot and getting drunk, bouncing from job to job, apartment to apartment. I live with a girl that I thought loved me. We were together for the last ten years and we had three beautiful kids together. Even though I was using drugs, it never kept me from taking care of my kids. When they came into my life it gave me hope and purpose to my existence. But the last two years we have not been able to find work, and our kids are going with out the basic needs like clean clothes or good shoes, etc. So I decided to make a change in life I tried to ask their mother to kick our habit and clean ourselves up for the kid. I told her we both need to find work and make something of ourselves. That didn’t work. She doesn’t want to give up the free money or the drugs.

So I decided to move on without her. She didn’t like my plans so the worst thing that could happen did she got rid of me. Now I fear for my kids and their safety. In the last two months she is still living the high life with her new man, a man that people have told me to watch out for.

At first he seemed like a nice guy but then my kids have started to get all kinds of hurt. My two-year-old daughter has had bruising on her face, stitches on her head and black, and blue marks all over her in different places. My four-year-old son Timmy has had stitches on his head and a black eye. My oldest Jason has suffered from fist-shaped marks on his legs and covered in some kid of bug bites. My oldest is the only child of mine that can talk well enough to under stand. So he is the only one that can talk to me and he tells me that they hit him and his siblings, and pull their hair. He has told me he doesn’t want to be there; he wants me home. He says it’s not safe with out his daddy there.

I have even had to call the police for finding my two youngest out in the road by themselves playing ball while the new boyfriends kids watching them where inside watching TV so the police came and filed a report with DCYF. I have called DCYF a couple of times my self and all they do is say it’s not the mother, it’s just vengeful boyfriend. Even on August 6, 2010, I called the police to come and meet me so they could see the condition that she has left my kids in.

What I got was the first officer that showed up on the first call. She was on my side saying that it was horrible that a mother would send her child out of the house with feces on his clothes and smelling like urine. She went to go see the mother to talk with her. When she came back she told me that if she knew the case was the same one from before, she would have never came out and that I had no right to complain about anything. Then she drove away. Now their mother will not let me see them anymore.

Over the last couple of months the neighbors have watched over my kids while I am not around and they have seen a lot and are willing to stand on my side. The landlord has had to clean the yard of the filth and trash from them and wants them out. I have taken pictures of almost everything except the second-degree burn my boy Timmy got from sitting in the sun for too long. I know that I am not perfect father and I am out of work, but I have always wanted the best for my kids, and I am looking for work every day. I know that if I had a job and I wasn’t homeless, I could get my kids back.

Please, if there is any one that could give a desperate father some advice to help him save his kids, please email me.