September Sentimental

by admin

September Sentimental

I find myself feeling giddy about the coming new school year. Not because I’ll have a little (and I mean, little) bit of time for actually getting things done around the house without feeling guilty that I should be playing outside. Or that I’ll be able to run after the sun comes up again each morning. It’s more like I’m thrilled that we’re off to Staples again to get new pencils, erasers, and (the best part!) new spiral-bound notebooks.

I’m thrilled that the air is sometimes feeling crisp. I’m thrilled I hear wind rustling through leaves that have endured the heat of summer. I’m even excited that soon my garden trowels will take a rest and my wide, long-handled rake will be seen leaning against the maple tree in about a month. I love autumn and everything it represents to me.

There is something so wonderfully anticipatory about the new school year and autumn … the new schedules and activities the kids will try; the new parents and friends we’ll get to know in the school and community as those activities begin to kick-in; the wonderful warmth that we’ll experience doing all things crisp-cool-autumn-y as September fades into October.

I have always loved school. I loved it in fourth grade, and I love it still as my oldest daughters enter fourth grade. I feel now a bit like a voyeur, quieting peeking in on my children’s excitement and experience of the time of year I have cherished my whole life. What a gift, being able to see through their eyes, too, a time of year that has given me such joy, warmth, and comfort. It’s a wonderful circle, this experience of having the joy of my own autumn wonders and also watching my daughters’ wonders unfold.

I wonder if this will be a gift I give them … when they are older and buying school supplies for their own children, will they, too, have the wonderful moment when they realize they are smack in the middle of their own bliss, and also watching the bliss of my grandchildren unfold before their eyes? I hope so, with all my heart.