Seven Golden Tips for the Self-Employed Mom

by Britt Lange

Seven Golden Tips for the Self-Employed Mom

We are told that we live in a world of equal opportunities, which provides great options for those of us girls which are not busy blaming everybody else for our mishaps. I tend to agree.


But darling, let’s face it: in order to make it excellent – and not just good – we must utilize a few elements given by mother nature, and adopt a few new tactics to overtake a couple of obstacles.


After never ending discussions with nervous racked friends, I am proud to present the “seven golden tips for the self employed mom”, which might shed a new light on a few facts us mothers take for granted.


Golden tip #1: Your nest (AKA “the working zone”)—I like to relate to my working zone as a sterile environment. Yes, I do keep picture of my beloved HUSBAND and kids, but other than that, I try to keep my home studio detached from the rest of the house. Not that we own a 12 room castle, but with the right design – and more importantly approach – you can isolate yourself to achieve best results. It’s even better if you can afford renting a small office elsewhere. It will surely take your commitment to higher levels. There are a few helpful sites which provide the greatest & latest tips about furniture’s, colors, fabrics etc. (e.g. creative home) but in this case I am going with my instincts. You usually know what you like best.


Golden tip #2: Looking good—if you are working from home, and not interacting with the outside world every so often, you have all the fun. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you should look like a schlep. I am not talking high hills and heavy make-up here, but rather the lighter smart casual wear, which will get you in the right professional mood, and finds you ready in case of surprise visits.


Golden tip #3: Time management—your time is precious, and the way to get the most of your day is by using the right tools. Personally, I vote for nicely rounded offerings, which provides best value for the money. I have lately come across SohoOS, which is a great free online management environment for micro businesses and freelancers.


Golden tip #4: Your business partners—you can run the best business on earth, while standing out as a super woman which proudly master her career and family. But why bother. We can do much more, in half the time with the right partner. I don’t necessarily mean a full partner, but those business partners who can complement and cover the parts which you couldn’t be bothered with. But remember choose them wisely. You will be exposed to them more than you will be exposed to your husband. BTW, a good looking business partner is not advised…



Golden tip #5: Letting off some steam—running your own business might suck you into an endless whirlpool of work, sometimes leading you to forget yourself and your close ones. Setting concrete dates for vacations is the standard procedure, but the spontaneous breaks are a must. You have to force yourself to let go occasionally, visit a spa, go shopping, or just take a walk on the beach.


Golden tip #6: Nutrition—honey, your figure and health is what you are! Being your own boss means multidisciplinary liability: design, create, marketing, home, but also food. A balanced diet (preferably home cooking if possible) will keep you shaped, vital and glowing. Fast food is a huge no no.


And finally, Golden tip #7: Your partner (for life)—as useless as we believe they are, our spouses’ (again, if you can afford one…) role in the process is crucial. Make sure you harness them to the effort smartly. It covers the whole range, from picking up the kids, to taking an active part in the business, to consulting, or even just a strong shoulder in those moments you are about to explode. They are nice. Indulge them.


Generally, I have left this “sisters, stick together” theme behind long ago. Running your own show is a bit scary, but you are talented and motivated enough to do it. Once you took the decision, don’t let anyone discourage you nor drag you down. You are the star in your own show.