Seven Hoaxes for April First

by admin

Seven Hoaxes for April First

To celebrate April 1st, here are seven of my all-time favorite hoaxes fueled by the web.

Megan Fox Wonder Woman Hoax
Hollywood starlet Megan Fox was brilliantly Photoshopped into a movie poster for Wonder Woman. Genius marketing or fan obsession? Either way it didn’t hurt Megan’s career.

Natural Blonds Are Near Extinction
According to this hoax, the World Health Organization published a report claiming that natural blonds will become extinct by 2202. More on Wikipedia.

Machine Gun Camp for Kids
The video is convincing, but the motive is noble. It’s a campaign for a Canadian charity hoping to help war-affected children.

Cell Phones Can Pop Popcorn
An all-time classic. Cell phone accessory maker Cardo Systems released a viral video showing cell phones cooking popcorn.

The Banksy Pet Shop
Famous and reclusive street artist Banksy opened a pet shop in New York with some amazingly life-like exhibits. Showing caged animals doing human activities, the shop was both a cultural critique and a display of the artist’s social undertones.

CES Trade Show Prank
A writer for the popular blog Gizmodo was banned from all future CES trade shows (a popular electronics trade show in Las Vegas) for attempting this stunt. He went on a spree shutting down every large LCD screen he could find, filming the results.

Time Standing Still
Improv Everywhere, the New York theatrical group, accomplished another curious stunt by standing completely still in Central Station.

The Hotelicopter
The world’s largest helicopter is a hotel—and a hoax. The beautifully produced video makes it even more real. Hotelicopter.com.