Seven Life Lessons from Dad

by admin

Seven Life Lessons from Dad

1. Take care of your toys.
Whether you have picked up a new CD at your local music store or have recently purchased a brand new car, this small statement rings true across the board. Respect the items that make up your physical world. Most likely, you have earned them and the better you treat them, the less probability they will fail you on an unfortunate “wrong side of the bed” morning.

2. “Rich” is a cake.
Don’t be consumed with other people’s money. It’ll only make you feel worse about your own financial situation. Make every attempt to do what you love and love what you do. Buy quality items that will give you best return on your investment. And, of course, never be frugal when tipping. The world has a way of paying you back when you are generous to others.

3. You are what you eat.
Be choosy when you enter the grocery store. Focus on protein and produce, and try to stay away from anything in a box or can. Always buy a smart dessert. Chances are what you pick out at the grocery store will be better for you than what you’ll get during the late night run to Dairy Queen.

4. When you feel fat, run.
Never underestimate the affect that exercise has on your body. Whether its running, tennis golf, swimming … try to incorporate some kind of daily activity in your overly scheduled life. When your body is physically well tuned, your mental state will follow.

5. Function over fashion.
When it’s forty-two degrees outside, raining, and you have another eight blocks to go, it doesn’t matter how good your legs look in that mini-skirt. Always attempt to dress for the weather; you’ll be happier with your choice in the end.

6. Always go with your first club choice.
When deciding between two items and you are unable to make up your mind, always return to the one that you were drawn to originally. Too many people ignore their gut reaction or intuition. Use it, people.

7. Your health is your first wealth.
Wherever your life takes you, always remember that the most important priority you have is taking care of yourself. Don’t ignore warning signs. Never smoke. Go to your yearly physicals and dentists appointments. Find time to relax, rejuvenate your spirit, and most importantly, never forget to laugh.