Seven Signs You Love Your Baby

by admin

Seven Signs You Love Your Baby

Ah, baby love! The bond between a mother and her baby is a bond like no other. It’s a miracle. Your baby is born. You hold your new baby in your arms, and immediately your heart swells twice its size … but that’s not the only thing that swells!

Yes, with a baby comes many changes. While you know you love your baby, there are seven signs that show just how much love that new, precious bundle of joy provides …

1. Big feet—yes, one would never expect providing nine months of love and care to your little cargo would result in tossing all of your expensive, stylish shoes because they don’t fit any more. I guess this is why Keds are so inexpensive.

2. Carpal tunnel—when you’re a mommy, you’ll do anything if it keeps your baby a) happy and b) quiet … and if this means holding your baby in your arm in an awkward position that bends your wrist to the point of being completely numb and useless, then so be it.

3. Bad posture—from bending over in the bassinet, in the crib, in the car seat, to slouching over in your nursing chair to sleeping in any way possible just to get some sleep—who knew you’d one day resemble Schroeder from the Peanuts.

4. Dark circles under the eyes—if Lancome were smarter, they’d provide a gift basket to new moms in the hospital. For every baby that is born, it’s a new customer for life, or at least the next eighteen years.

5. Thinning hair—there’s nothing more confidence boosting than for a mother to see a large clump of her hair go down the drain in the shower. If she’s lucky, her little bundle of joy will add to that hair removal process with those little hair-attracted death grip fingers.

6. A constant aching back—having a baby means the female body is pulled and stretched in many new ways. What results is a constant dull pain in your lower back. At least you’ll be spending the next eleven or more months lugging your twenty-plus pound sweet pea around before he/she can walk. And don’t forget about that over-sized laundry basket too.

7. A stretched belly button—yes, that nice little belly button you once had that maybe you showed off occasionally in a bathing suit is now gone. What’s left: a new coaster for your Diet Coke can.

So, there they are … the seven signs of unconditional mommy love that reminds you day after day after day after day just how special your baby is and how happy you are to share the love!