Seven Smart Tips for Single Parenting Holiday Success

by admin

Seven Smart Tips for Single Parenting Holiday Success

Get clear about what makes the holidays valuable.
Make time to share what you remember about what made this season valuable for you in your childhood and ensure that your children know the importance of quality (time, relationships, and values) as opposed to having quantity of these things.

Prepare and plan.
Who are you going to send cards and gifts to? With more thought there can be more meaning—and if you’re really smart this can bring the price tag down, too.

Create a good holiday ambiance at home.
Take some time to make paper chains, cards, decorations for the tree, cinnamon-smelling fruits (if that’s your thing!). Make it a special time for you and your children to share. Again, these memories will last for your children and have benefits way beyond a Nintendo.

Have open negotiations with your children’s other parent about what’s the best design for the holidays.
Get the children involved if they’re old enough and try to come to an agreement ahead of time. When your children are younger, both parents would be smart to have a united message about what’s best for “sharing” holidays.

If you want to have company over the holidays, get together with friends or with other single parents (or with church if that’s your thing).
It might not be what you’ve traditionally done, but there’s no right or wrong way to do holiday itself. Get creative!

Make an occasion of the simple things.
Relax in the afternoon with a great family movie and a glass of wine. Celebrate every moment.

Congratulate yourself as an amazing parent.
Get your nails done, your hair done, have a massage, or a bit of pampering. Whatever it is—treat yourself to remind yourself that you’ve been outstanding this year and your children are blessed to have you on their side.