Seventeen Magazine

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Seventeen Magazine

I was reading Seventeen magazine yesterday to stay current on the fashions and advice for teens out there. I have the August 2008 issue. I will definitely be getting this out of the house before my thirteen-year-old daughter comes home.

A small item that annoyed me was the article to determine where your relationship is on the timeline—casual to serious.

What’s your status?

1. Hanging Out

2. Talking. Not really talking, actually texting back and forth all day at school and posting goofy messages on your Facebook.

3. Hooking Up. Described as “things have gotten physical, but you’re not committed yet, and both of you could be flirting with other people.”

4. Dating. You’ve planned actual dates to get to know each other better, things aren’t officially “official.”

5. Going Out.

6. Major Commitment.

Hello? What is wrong with this advice? Hooking up is number three! You have not even gone on a single date and “things have gotten physical”? This is the advice from Seventeen! A few texts back and forth and then things get physical?

I will stick with their lesson on how to get the bouncy blowout and the key to all day long mega-volume mousse.