Sex on a Schedule

by admin

Sex on a Schedule

For those of us who spent half of our lives trying not to get pregnant, actually getting pregnant later in life isn’t always as easy! Thus the birth of sex on a schedule.

Whether due to older eggs or less frequent romps, effortless conception may not be on Mother Nature’s agenda. After using any number of resources for predicting ovulation, from store bought kits to more natural methods, you need to map out sex based on your doctor’s input (some doctors will tell you that daily sex is okay, other doctors believe that every other day is more effective).

Soon, you will realize that sex on a schedule—even to make a baby—is much less romantic than it sounds. If you fall into the group that feels like you or your spouse won’t enjoy or appreciate sex on demand, there are many ways to make the job more enjoyable!

Don’t over talk ovulation. It may be more romantic if you don’t discuss every intricacy of your cycle. If leaving your positive ovulation test on the bathroom counter isn’t your (or your partners) idea of romantic foreplay, you may need a little boost to make each encounter more enjoyable. Plan a romantic dinner, a massage, or a bubble bath with an essential oil known for its aphrodisiac qualities (like rose). With activities like this planned, you’ll look forward to each attempt!

By Stacy Denney