Sex Versus Sleep: Which One Do You Choose?

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Sex Versus Sleep: Which One Do You Choose?

You want to “do it” but you’re exhausted. One expert says that sacrificing your zzz’s for a little old fashioned sex might save your relationship!

Alarm. Walk dog. Change diapers. Change wet sheets. Feed Kids. Throw on clothes, maybe makeup. Pack kids lunches. Get kids ready. Drop kids off. Pray for short line at Starbucks. Traffic. Work. Work. Facebook check. More work. Lunch at desk. Work …

Exhausted yet? We are. In fact, this scenario is mild compared to some of your busy schedules. Finding the time to get your sleep, and feeling like you’ve actually had it, can seem like an impossible task. Unfortunately, with schedules this hectic, often times in a relationship, the first thing to take a back seat is SEX. It’s not that you don’t want it. You do. BUT you’re exhausted and the only thing turning you on is the idea of your head hitting a pillow.

Well something’s gotta give … But should it be sex? Do you choose sex over sleep? Or sleep over sex? We want to hear your thoughts!

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