She cuts her own hair

by admin

She cuts her own hair

Meet my almost 5 year old daughter Marley Mae Apple. Like many young girls, she went through the Princess Phase. If you are mother of girls you probably know what i’m talking about. Dresses, high heels, long hair…..

I was over it from the get-go but tried my best to let her have fun with it, hoping she would pass through it quickly and with no long-term harm done. Soon after her baby sister was born, Marley took the liberty of giving herself a haircut. She cut her longish bright blonde hair into something I cannot even quite describe.

I feigned speechless shock as my mind reeled to find the appropriate reaction. Deep down, my pride for my daughters willful creative experimentation warmed my heart and I tried to keep from smiling. Also, the look on her face and her butchered hair was enough to make me almost explode into laughter. But this was a serious moment between us. She looked at me like ‘oh no ???? ??!!!’ The next 3 photos are Marley before self-chop, right after, and after I fixed her up.

[image removed: http://www.howtohairgirl.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/IMG_0721-225×300.jpg][image removed: http://www.howtohairgirl.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/IMG_07321-225×300.jpg]

My first thought was that we would just have to shave her head and start over. I mentioned this to her and she panicked, not ready to accept the consequence of such a quick decision. I inspected her hair and mulled it over for a little bit and decided to try to salvage the situation by just giving her a super funky choppy short haircut.

I got to work, and in minutes, she had a totally funky little ‘do. Why not give a little girl a cool little crop, instead of that shoulder length bob and straight across bangs? This was a total right of passage for her as she accepted her fate of being the shortest haired girl in preschool. The Rapunzel days were over, and life was an open road again.

[image removed: http://www.howtohairgirl.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/IMG_0733-225×300.jpg]