She’s Grown

by admin

She’s Grown

We celebrated my daughter’s twenty-first birthday with a mother-daughter trip to New York City. She is very familiar with New York after living here for a summer and plans to move here upon graduation from film school in two years.

In New York, she became the leader and I, the follower. She walks confidently and with purpose, much like the other residents of this great city. Had I foreseen this trip twenty-two years ago, I may have worked harder to conceive a child born in the spring. The temperatures this weekend have ranged from thirteen degrees to twenty-seven degrees. This was a wonderful opportunity for my Florida beach bunny daughter to learn if she can handle the cold. She can and she will.

All that I have taught her and all that she has learned from others comes to a beautiful culmination within her spirit. She has a faith that will move mountains, an intelligence to conquer the world and master many skills, as well as a grace that will cause the grumpiest soul to smile.

We birth our children, raise them, and watch them grow. Through the years, there are many days when emotions rise within and explode. Often this emotion is joy, sometimes exasperation, and sometimes a mixture of pride and loss as we realize that our child has successfully crossed into another stage of life.

The changing relationship of a mother and daughter is one to be embraced. While there are painful moments in the process, much like childbirth, these moments are forgotten when you see the amazing young woman before you.

It is a joy to grow in friendship with this incredible and beautiful creature who emerged from my body so many years ago. I am excited about the future: hers, mine, and ours.