Shoes So Girly They Probably Get PMS

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Shoes So Girly They Probably Get PMS

I never gave much thought about having built-in shopping buddies when we had two little girls. But both girls seem to have inherited both my love of Target and shoes. Yes, there is a God and he understands that women need occasional retail therapy to make it through the bumpy patches in life.

We went to our friendly neighborhood Target last week to pick out a birthday present for one of my oldest daughter’s classmates. After considerable browsing and indecisiveness (on her part, not mine), we finally left the toy department with a strawberry scented Furbaby. Miss C then asked something that made my heart flutter.

“Mommy can we go look at the shoes?”

Miss C is at the age where it is truly a pleasure to shop with her for clothes. Now Miss A is still at the I Must Race Up and Down the Shoe Aisles and Scream like a Banshee, therefore shoe shopping with her is torturous and inevitably leads to one mean tequila craving.

It was love at first sight for Miss C. She left wearing what appear to be on the surface incredibly impractical school shoes: pink glitter Mary Janes. However, if one looks closely, they have an easy to maneuver velcro fastener AND an athletic type bottom. Bonus!

Miss C has fashioned a little girly shoe shrine on the floor at the foot of her bed to showcase her favorite shoes, which also includes her new Barbie butterfly flip flops we got on clearance in December. Yes, a shrine. To her favorite shoes.

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