Should All Americans Have Paid Sick Days?

by admin

Should All Americans Have Paid Sick Days?

Can you recall a time when you went to work feeling under the weather because you couldn’t take any time off or afford to stay home? Some companies do offer generous sick day policies, but according to the National Partnership for Women and Families, only half of corporations in America offer this benefit. And typically, low-income workers and hourly wage earners don’t have this or many other benefits.


What do you think? The Healthy Families Act, currently in Congress, would require American companies with at least fifteen employees to provide a minimum amount of paid sick days to those employees working at least twenty hours a week. Sound off with us and the Ms. Foundation if you agree. The Ms. Foundation, the organization that founded the “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day,” has now created the Ms. Foundation for Women’s Action Network. Join the network and let your opinions be counted. If you think workers should have paid sick days, text PAY to 30644.  

Read more about unpaid sick days in, “Unpaid Sick Days: Who Really Pays.”