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Background info: There are members of the Artis household who have yet to develop an appreciation for undergarments, well to be more specific, underwear. Why? I’m not exactly sure. I make it a daily practice to wear them under my clothing, and my husband strives to wear them every day, also. We have made several attempts to make sure that the non-schoolers develop this same appreciation for underwear, but for some reason they have yet to really “catch on” to the idea of wearing underwear every day. Take Ike, who is four. He prefers “decorated” underwear, usually covered in Power Rangers or Spiderman. For awhile he would put them on backward so he could see the characters that are printed on the rear of the underwear. If there are no “decorated” underwear that he prefers for that day, he opts for freedom. Sarah who is a “semi-practicing pottyer” switches between pull-ups and underwear, but she likes her freedom also. She is our little streaker. Drew, the lone “non-practicing pottyer” simply does not like underwear at all. So needless to say, it is not uncommon to hear me asking “Do you have on underwear?” And of course I can’t just ask, I have to always follow up with, “Let me see.” And just another tidbit that you may need for clarification later on, per Sarah, “girls wear panties and boys wear draws.”

The incident: The entire Artis six spent the night with their papa and grandma Saturday. Sunday morning my dad strolls downstairs in his robe to enjoy his morning coffee. He is greeted by his beloved grandbabies. They love their papa and they know that telling him how much they love him earns them more “brownie points” and stuff. In the mist of this Sarah yells, “Papa, do you have on draws?” Now, I am sure you can only imagine what went through my dad’s mind. In shock he answers, “Yes! I have on draws.” Sarah responds quickly with, “No, you don’t!” At this point my dad should have taken on the role of a parent and decided not to argue, but noooo, he chooses the path of a grandparent and decides to argue with the two-year-old, who, by the way, speaks extremely clear. So there was no mistaken what she was asking. My stepmother at this point is “hollering” in laughter. I am now wondering why she didn’t rescue him. Her laughter only encourages my dad to continue this argument which leads to Sarah saying, “Well, show me!” My stepmother is still “hollering” laughing at the two year old requiring that her papa prove that he has on draws and my dad is still horrified! While speaking with him today, several days later, he informed me that he has yet to put that robe back on. And to answer the question you’re wondering, no, he didn’t show her.

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