Sick of Staying Home

by Ella Mentry

Sick of Staying Home

Are you a single parent? Or, are you a f/t mommy? Does your partner work and leave you at home? Let’s say it together: I’m sick of staying home! Yes, yes … I’m sick of staying home too … but as long as you are vehicle-less, there are dishes that need washing, laundry that needs to be done, floors that need to be swept and mopped, and children that need tending to … you’ll be staying home! I mean, shouldn’t doing all that get you a weekly paycheck? NOT!


Why can’t you just get a vehicle? It doesn’t even have to be expensive; just a vehicle to get you back and forth. Maybe get a part time job, put those darn kids in the hands of a trustworthy babysitter, or heck! Start your own baby-sitting company! And once you have that vehicle, run off, run away! Go on a vacation!


Well, okay, you can’t leave the kids by themselves, or run away, unless your partner is a deadbeat and you two have serious marital or relationship problems. (Then I’d suggest getting away.) But you do need a plan. How about laughing sneakily and tip toeing down the stairs silently waiting for it to creak at your every step, thus waking your entire family and asking you, “And where do you think you are going?” You remember how Cinderella felt when her step-sisters and their mom ordered her around all day long!?


Take a moment to breathe, listen to the wind, take a walk on the beach, go to the creek, light some candles, take a shower, all while your family is destroying the house, breaking your antiques, and your kids are crying nonstop. Let’s say it again, “I’m sick of staying home!”


You’re probably wondering what the big deal about this article is, and I don’t blame you. I just started typing away and even in the midst of this, I still don’t understand why I’m writing it. Maybe it’s my inner ranting coming out, but in a way to explicitly tell you that you don’t have to sit at home all the time. Get out of the house! If I had the printer to print out a huge banner that read in big bold colors, “GET OUT OF THE HOUSE, NOW!” I’d do it. But until then I can only type about it, lol.


So go on, borrow your partner’s vehicle, arrange for the kids to be babysat, get yourself dressed, and get out of the house!


Now, let me stress about how depressing it is to sit at home all day long! People need variety and if they stay at home doing the same old boring routine it’s going to get old and eventually you’ll become unsocialable, depressed, and most of all unhappy. You want to add some spice, zing, flare, and fab to your life … so I’ll say it one more last time—get out of the house!