Signed, Sealed, Delivered … I’m Yours (College Applications)

by admin

Signed, Sealed, Delivered … I’m Yours (College Applications)

As the More is More Mom, I’m all about … more college applications! How could this really, actually, be happening? Five minutes ago, my Nick was grinning from ear to ear, making new friends and settling into his cubby as a kindergartner at Our Lady of Perpetual Donation’s Grammar School. Suddenly, here he is, putting the finishing touches on his college essays and hitting the “send” button (but not before hitting “payment options” and calling to us, “Can I have your credit card?”). In ten short months, he’ll once again be making new friends, this time settling into his dorm room. I’ve said it for years, “I’m packing up and going with him.” … And he thinks I’m kidding.

Back in the olden days, when I was a youngster, this whole college thing wasn’t the complicated labyrinth that it is today. By and large, you simply considered the schools that your parents attended (like mother, like daughter in my case) or some of your pals had older siblings in college and you decided to check out those universities, not with your parents, but on a road trip with a car load of teenagers not wearing seat belts; very safe and very informative.

Today, we are on information overload! All college all the time! There are university representatives at our high schools on a weekly basis, envelopes are spilling out of our mailboxes, with thick packets of marketing materials; we are contacted daily on the Internet and then there are the actual visits. It’s not nearly as simple as loading up the car, taking a trip, and checking out some schools on your way to a family vacation at Wally World. No. You have to register on-line and schedule an appointment for a tour, and do it early because they book up fast.

No matter the size of the school, the tours are all the same: campus traditions, classrooms, lecture halls, cafeterias, Starbucks (even the smaller schools have their very own campus baristas), library, cultural center, student union, dorms (always small and furnished by Bed Bath & Beyond) and a stop at the gift shop. Okay, you’ve totally got me with the gift shop.

With so many wonderful options and opportunities, how do these kids decide where to go? Nick has a top choice, but he applied to nine schools. We are the More is More Family, after all. I suppose the next few months will be exciting as his story unfolds. Until then … more homework, more curfew, a few more months with our favorite fella.