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Single Moms

We all know how important it is to raise children. I know by being a single parent it’s not easy, but we all have to try for the sake of our children. Some of us don’t take enough time out to try and hear our children out, and we get ourselves into so many situations. We get caught up in fights and other types of situations, so it’s hard out here if you don’t have any support from others. That’s why sometimes our kids get emotional and out of hand. All I’m saying is we have to take time and talk to our children. Let them know this is a crazy world but we have to try to get along and do the right thing. I feel that I’ve done a pretty good job, but it could be better with both parents. That doesn’t always happen because, for whatever reason, people grow apart. But I think they should stay close for the sake of the child; it’s not the kids’ fault. They didn’t ask to be here and you only live once. So I had to write this story because it’s all about the children.

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