Single Parent Potty-Training Wars

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Single Parent Potty-Training Wars

A single mom we know is the mom of a kindergartner—and he wets the bed. The pediatrician ruled out any medical problems. This little guy is simply reaching the “dry at night” developmental milestone a bit later. It’s perfectly normal.

Confidently, this single mom reports: “I’m really getting a handle on it. We’re having more and more dry nights in a row!”

This mom is proud of herself for setting up a routine that really works for her son:

  • Making sure her son uses the toilet before bed.
  • Giving him just a little cup of water before bed, instead of a big glass (and limiting nighttime snacks).
  • A couple of hours after he goes to bed, she gets her sleepy son up to use the toilet.

When he does have an accident, she’s careful to keep things matter-of-fact. She keeps fresh PJs and extra bed linen handy, so everyone can get quickly back to sleep.

So, what’s the problem? “When he goes to his father’s house every weekend, all of my routines go out the window!” she says. When her son returns to her home on Monday, he’s wetting the bed again.

Single moms, what do you think? Does this dad need to step it up and really help his son potty train? Or does this mom need to relax and just let her son potty train when he’s ready?

Originally published on Singlemommyhood.com