Single Parent Sleeping Dilemma

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Single Parent Sleeping Dilemma

I recently went on vacation with my boyfriend and my kid. We had a great time going to the beach and snorkeling. What I didn’t anticipate or plan for, however, was who would sleep where.

We were staying at a big one bedroom place—with a huge couch and a roll away bed in the living room.

First thing, I whispered to my boyfriend, “Where do you think everyone will sleep?”

He looked at me like I was joking. “We’ll sleep in the bedroom,” he said. “And your daughter can sleep on the roll-away bed.”

I hadn’t really given much thought to bed time (uh oh!) and, yes, my fourth grader would see right through my vulnerabilities.

I found the roll-away bed in the closet and pulled it out. It looked a bit sad.

Still, I put a fitted sheet on the little cot, with a flowery comforter and a soft pillow. When I sat down on the cot and waved my kid over, she made an icky face. “I’m NOT sleeping there!” she said.

Short story: the boyfriend ended up on the cot. (I’m sorry, hon!) 

After hearing about my dilemma, my trusted Sanity Fairy, Dr. Leah, shot off an email to me: “Sleeping arrangements are an adult decision.”

“Balking at sleeping on the cot in Hawaii had nothing to do with the cot,” explained Dr. Leah.

Indeed, my daughter was testing the limits. How do other single moms handle this sleeping dilemma?

What do they do when their kids feel like Mom’s boyfriend is the way?

And what do moms do when they feel guilty or vulnerable? 

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