Single Parenting: Are You Going to School Events Alone?

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Single Parenting: Are You Going to School Events Alone?

I’ll never forget that first Back-to-School Night: how I squeezed into one of those tiny plastic chairs with my ballpoint pen and handouts.

I was surrounded by couples. I didn’t want to look up from my photocopies and see how she was smiling at him—and how he nodded back. Later, on their way home, they’d share beginner reader’s tips and wonder how the transition into kindergarten was going. 

As much as I’ve gotten used to going solo, some part of me imagines having a real, lasting boyfriend join me at Back-to-School Night someday. We’ll sip carbonated water in the hallway before the teacher calls us in. I’ll introduce him to all of the other parents. It’s too early now, although I do think he’d be open to coming if I asked. 

Are you also a single parent who goes to school events on your own? 

One single mom I know says that she was doing just fine alone at her child’s recent Back to School Night. “But then 15 minutes into it, my uninvolved ex-husband decides to show up with his girlfriend. OMG!” 

“My ex and I are not on speaking terms,” she adds. “We only correspond by email, and the past few times we did chat, he jumped into a fight about child support payments being too high.” 

To be fair, this mom adds, “I know that his girlfriend really cares about my son, and we’ve made every effort to be polite to each other.” 

“But I had no idea that my ex would be bringing his girlfriend to Back to School Night. I don’t think she should have been there. I want to create some boundaries here. Is she now going to show up for every school function?” 

Are you a mom who goes to school events alone? Or, is your ex there?

Have either one of you ever brought your new significant other? 

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