Six Cool Baby-Naming Styles

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Six Cool Baby-Naming Styles

Time to pick a name for your baby! It’s exciting—but it’s also a daunting task. And those ginormous, dictionary-like baby-name books don’t make the process any easier. When you have no idea where to begin, the last thing you want to do is slog through thousands of alphabetized names with no direction in sight.

You need inspiration! So we’ve selected six hot baby-naming styles and chosen hip names that define each category. Use these styles to get you going—focus on the one or two genres that fit your sensibility, and take it from there. Chances are good that you’ll find your winner here!

Classic Cool

  • Girls: Allison, Anna, Caroline, Claire, Diana, Elizabeth, Emily, Eva, Eve, Helen, Isabel, Jane, Joanna, Julia, Kate, Lucy, Margaret, Nora, Rachel, Sarah
  • Boys: Alex, Christian, Daniel, George, Hank, Jack, James, Joe, Leo, Luke, Marc, Max, Nathan, Neil, Nick, Paul, Peter, Scott, Thomas, Will.


  • Girls: Ada, Adeline, Alice, Audrey, Camila, Dorothea, Eliza, Gertrude, Jewel, Mabel, Mae, Maeve, Maisie, Mattie, Maude, Rhea, Rose, Ruby, Sadie, Sylvie
  • Boys: Asa, Atticus, Ben, Blake, Eli, Felix, Frank, Fred, Gregory, Harry, Henry, Jonas, Lyle, Malcolm, Noah, Noel, Theo, Tucker, Tyler, Wade

Sweet Girl

  • Ava, Bella, Camille, Clara, Ella, Emma, Eve, Fiona, Gabriella, Gina, Hannah, Hayley, Isabel, Lynn, Mae, Mia, Meredith, Ruthie, Theresa, Trudy

Bookish Appeal

  • Girls: Charlotte, Emily, Isak, Jamaica, Maxine
  • Boys: Aldous, Cormac, Graham, Irving, Thornton


  • Girls: Aimee, Alicia, Avril, Britney, Chrissie, Feist, Fiona, Gwen, India, Janis, Joni, Joss, Lauryn, Lucinda, Missy, Neko, Nico, Nina, Shakira, Tori
  • Boys: Angus, Bruce, Cash, Devendra, Elliott, Elton, Gavin, Kanye, Keith, Kurt, Lou, Marvin, Mick, Neil, Prince, Ringo, Thom, Trent, Van, Willie

Avant-Garde (Unisex)

  • Abilene, Auburn, Aza, Brooklyn, Chakara, Destry, Gervaise, Hale, Heaven, Jazz, Jupiter, Kiel, Legend, Lynx, Quenby, Romy, Shiloh, Steel, Vrai, Zephyr

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