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Sixty and Can’t Take Anymore

Well, I am sixty and I have ambitions that I would like to accomplish before taking my final exit. Just when I thought things were getting good, my husband decides to play Daddy with his thirty-three year old daughter and two of her four children. They moved from one state to where we live and they are living with us. I am just tired of raising grown children and I do not feel that I should have been obligated to do this. I have goals that I have committed to. How can I do what I want if I am continuing to run here there and every where?

I am sixty and I can’t take anymore and I do not want to take anymore. I thought this would be our time to be together and complete things we love and enjoy. I am not enjoying nor loving this situation that has been placed upon my shoulders because he works in another city so, his commute takes a lot of his time. I do not want this to be the demise of our marriage. I just can’t take it anymore. Feeling stuck and very unhappy. I am really not a good writer I just write how I am feeling. Is it bad of me to want this time for us? You cannot raise grown children. You cannot change the past, what you missed or choose not to do, it is in the past. What do you think?

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