To Ski or Not to Ski, That Is the Question

by admin

To Ski or Not to Ski, That Is the Question

Posted on February 27, 2011 by cathiesdailydish

My middle son and his dad went up skiing today to a local ski area. Dad would be delighted to have a skiing family since he grew up doing that. Middle son loves to ski, youngest can take it or leave it, oldest goes under duress and me…I WANT to like to ski but the truth is … I just don’t all that much. 

Skiing is so much WORK!  Skiing is so COLD!  Skiing is so EXPENSIVE!  Skiing is so EARLY!  There are so many reasons to not like skiing and yet … so many people do. 

I feel guilty that I have access to what most people in Oregon consider fantastic skiing, and I just don’t find it all that. It’s cold, windy and the food at the lodge is terrible. I always hope to hit one of those beautiful days that everyone raves about (undoubtedly the same people who claim to have spent one of those elusive warm sunny days at the Oregon coast.)

When everything is perfect, skiing is really grand. Last weekend I went to a small ski area where you can buy a two hour lift ticket. PERFECT!  The whole concept of investing $70 for a day-long activity that may peter out in two hours is just a huge barrier to me. The weather was relatively nice; the wind relatively light. Had a relatively great time.

Last winter the whole family trekked to Vail to visit a good college friend and that was without a doubt the best ski experience of my life. It helped that we put the kids in day-long lessons and didn’t have to think about them or their gear. The snow at Beaver Creek was plentiful, the lodge gorgeous, the weather pleasant. 

This fall at our annual girls’ weekend, we decided that we would make our annual event bi-annual..I mean, why not?!  And sitting in the sweltering heat of an unseasonably warm Napa September, we decided a ski vacation sounded fabulous. With my Ski Bunny Vail experience fresh in my mind, I even helped champion it.

 In December our gracious hostess sent out some prospective dates and we all … waffled. Couldn’t we go somewhere WARM?   Somewhere easy?  Somewhere that involves minimal gear (as in bathing suit and sandals) vs. boots, gloves, turtlenecks, skis, blah blah?

I hope my boys are having a great day skiing. Part of me, a small part, wishes I was up there. But the rest of me is so averse to skiing that I opted to stay home and help a friend move. (Well, not physically move, but I am going to bring them lunch at their new place and might be coerced into unpacking a box or two!)

Someday I hope to catch the ski bug. Until then, I just pray my kids learn to ski quickly so that I can sit in the lodge by the fireplace with my book guilt free.