Sleep, Who Needs It? Me!

by admin

Sleep, Who Needs It? Me!

So honestly, I doubt I’m the only person out there who constantly feels tired. I drink coffee in the morning, but mostly I feel like it’s a Band-Aid. I don’t really feel it gives me some crazy all day get up and go. I do exercise and that helps, but I do tend to feel tired. Even when I’ve had a “good night’s sleep”(whatever that means once you become a parent).

I think becoming a parent gives new meaning to being “tired,” I’ll sometimes hear someone say they are exhausted—someone who has no children and I have to admit I snicker a bit. No offense, seriously, I was once there too. But when you get up three or so times a night with a new baby in the first year—never sit down to relax or take a breather during the day—you haven’t slept past 6:45 a.m. for five years regardless of the day of the week. “Tired” takes on a new meaning. Oh, and pulling through a day with the kiddos when you’re sick yourself … there should be medals passed out for days like this …

Of course right now my children are little, I’m sure as they become older I will have a different set of exhausting tasks to face (raising Tweens … teens). Of course in ten years, I’ll get more sleep but parenting will be exhausting in other ways.

That whole “sleep when they sleep” is a crock to me. For me, at least, while they’re sleeping, I’m doing laundry, doing things around the house, running errands! There’s always “something”. However occasionally the stars and planets align and everyone in the house gets a nap—all at the same time. That was a random Saturday about a month ago, I actually took a forty-minute nap. It was great! I did feel refreshed afterwards. So to all of you exhausted parents out there, whether or not you SAH or work, just know you’re not alone …